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The Prophetic Herbie Nichols Vol. 2 is the second album by American jazz pianist Herbie Nichols featuring performances recorded and released on the Blue Note label in 1955 as a 10 inch LP.[1]


Although originally unheralded at the time of release Nichol's Blue Note recordings have gained recognition as highly original and ground-breaking compositions and performances. The Allmusic review by Scott Yanow awarded Nichols' The Complete Blue Note Recordings, released in 1997, a five star rating and stated "The music is virtually unclassifiable, and although largely straight-ahead, sounds unlike anything produced by Herbie Nichols' contemporaries. Essential music".[2] Template:Album ratings

Track listingEdit

All compositions by Herbie Nichols
Side A
  1. "Amoeba's Dance" - 4:29
  2. "Crisp Day" - 3:43
  3. "2300 Skiddoo" - 4:29
Side B
  1. "It Did't Happen" - 5:10
  2. "Shuffle Montgomery" - 5:11
  3. "Brass Rings" - 5:28
  • Recorded at Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey on May 13, 1955



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