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The Man Incognito is the fourth album by American jazz drummer Alphonse Mouzon recorded in 1975 and released on the Blue Note label.[1]


The Allmusic review by Robert Taylor awarded the album 2 stars stating "Most of the arrangements here are repetitive and were obviously meant to be used as dance music. Fusion fans are encouraged to steer clear of this one, as it amounts to nothing more than a '70s disco session -- and a boring one at that".[2] Template:Album ratings

Track listingEdit

All compositions by Alphonse Mouzon
  1. "Take Your Troubles Away" - 5:03
  2. "Snake Walk" - 3:49
  3. "Before You Leave" - 4:26
  4. "Just Like The Sun" - 6:30
  5. "You Are My Dream" - 3:30
  6. "New York City" - 4:06
  7. "Without A Reason" - 4:09
  8. "Mouzon Moves On" - 3:41
  9. "Behind Your Mind" - 4:06
  • Recorded at Sound Labs in Los Angeles, California on December 2, 1975



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  2. Taylor, R. Allmusic Review accessed January 13, 2011

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