Ronaldo Folegatti (born Ronaldo Folegatti Poubel) (April 30, 1958, Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian composer, guitarist and record producer.



Folegatti started playing the guitar at age 10. He studied mathematics and moved to Germany at the age of 22, after attaining a Master's degree in sciences, where he started to work as a professional musician.

His first album, Sounds of Watercolors, was released in 1990 in Germany and in 1991 in the United States, reaching the Gavin Report's Top 40.

His second release, Lust, Comics & Some Other Dreams, had the participation of Till Brönner and Ronnie Stevenson, consolidating his style that mixes Brazilian and jazz music.

Since 1995 he lives in Brazil, and, in 2000, he released two albums, Mazy Tales and Anjos & Estrelas.

In 2005 he released Jamming!, with top guests from New York and Rio such as Randy Brecker, Will Lee, Joel Rosenblatt, Teo Lima, Zé Canuto, Ada Rovatti, Marcelo Martins, and many others.


  • Sounds of Watercolors - AH Records (1990) Germany and Blue Orchid (1991) USA
  • Lust, Comics & some other Dreams - AH Records (1992) Germany and Blue Orchid (1992) USA
  • Mazy Tales - Folegatti Music (2000) Brazil
  • Anjos & Estrelas - Folegatti Music (2000) Brazil
  • Histórias de Beijos - Folegatti Music (2002) Brazil
  • Jamming! - Apria Records (2005) USA

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