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Playboys is a 1956 jazz album featuring trumpeter Chet Baker and saxophonist Art Pepper. The album was the third collaboration between Pepper and Baker, following the successes of The Route and Chet Baker Big Band. All three albums were recorded in 1956.

Playboys was issued on CD by Blue Note Records in 1998 under the name Picture of Heath after the fifth track (itself a reference to Jimmy Heath, composer of all but two of the tracks). The tracks themselves were presented in a slightly different order, starting with the new title track. Hugh Hefner reportedly objected to the album cover (obviously inspired by Playboy magazine with its near-identical wordmark and pinup photo) and threatened to sue.[1] Perhaps for that reason, when Blue Note Records released Playboys on CD (under the name Picture of Heath), the original pinup cover was replaced with a photo of the artists in the recording studio.


Allmusic gave it a Template:Rating rating. [2]

Track listingEdit

  1. "For Minors Only" (J. Heath)
  2. "Minor-Yours" (A. Pepper)
  3. "Resonant Emotions" (J. Heath)
  4. "Tynan Tyme" (A. Pepper)
  5. "Picture of Heath" (J. Heath)
  6. "For Miles and Miles" (J. Heath)
  7. "C.T.A." (J. Heath)

1998 CD releaseEdit

  1. "Picture of Heath"
  2. "For Miles and Miles "
  3. "C.T.A. "
  4. "For Minors Only"
  5. "Minor Yours "
  6. "Resonant Emotions"
  7. "Tynan Time"


It was recorded on October 31, 1956 in Los Angeles, CA.

References Edit

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