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Peckin' Time is an album credited to saxophonist Hank Mobley and trumpeter Lee Morgan first released on the Blue Note label in 1959 as BLP 1574. It was recorded on February 9, 1958 and features Mobley, Morgan, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers and Charlie Persip.


The Allmusic review by Steve Leggett awarded the album 4½ stars stating "It all adds up to a fine program, and if Mobley didn't push the envelope a whole lot, his lyrical and economical playing was always appropriate and graceful, and that's certainly the case here.".[1] Template:Album ratings

Track listing Edit

All compositions by Hank Mobley except as indicated
  1. "High and Flighty" - 6:09
  2. "Speak Low" (Nash, Weill) - 7:12
  3. "Peckin' Time" - 6:52
  4. "Stretchin' Out" - 9:04
  5. "Git-Go Blues" - 12:25

Bonus tracks on CD:

  1. "High and Flighty" [Alternate Take] - 6:35
  2. "Speak Low" [Alternate Take] - 7:13
  3. "Stretchin' Out" [Alternate Take] - 6:46

Personnel Edit

References Edit

  1. Leggett, S. Allmusic Review accessed November 18, 2011

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