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Orgy in Rhythm is an album by drummer Art Blakey. It is one of the first percussion-oriented jazz records. It was originally recorded in 1957 for Blue Note Records, and released as two LPs, Volume One and Volume Two, the same year as BLP 1554/1555. In the 1997 limited edition CD reissue by Blue Note, it was consolidated into a single volume.

Track listingEdit

All compositions by Art Blakey

Volume One

  1. "Buhaina Chant" – 10:30
  2. "Ya Ya" – 7:06
  3. "Toffi" – 12:20
  4. "Split Skins" – 8:58

Volume Two

  1. "Amuck" – 6:49
  2. "Elephant Walk" – 6:56
  3. "Come Out and Meet Me Tonight" – 5:43
  4. "Abdallah's Delight" – 9:46



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