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Night Train is a jazz album by the Oscar Peterson Trio, released in 1962 by Verve Records. It was one of Peterson's most commercially successful recordings. The Penguin Guide to Jazz included it in its core collection, stating that "it's one of the best long-players of the period" and that Peterson's playing is "tight and uncharacteristically emotional".[1]

Album producer Norman Granz had sold Verve, but remained Peterson's manager, so supervised the Night Train recording session. The brief duration of many of the tracks has been attributed to a desire to have them played on commercial radio, which tended to be reluctant to play anything that was longer than a few minutes. Thigpen's rivet cymbal, recorded at very close range, is prominent on all issues of the album.[2]

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(Tracks 12 through 17 are CD bonus tracks, not included on the original LP issue)

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  2. Katz, Dick (December 1996) [CD booklet in 1997 Verve re-issue]

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