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Template:Album ratings My Point of View is the second album by pianist Herbie Hancock. It was released in 1963 on Blue Note Records as BLP 4126 and BST 84126.

Track listingEdit

All compositions by Herbie Hancock.

  1. "Blind Man, Blind Man" – 8:19
  2. "A Tribute to Someone" – 8:45
  3. "King Cobra" – 6:55
  4. "The Pleasure Is Mine" – 4:03 (incorrectly labelled as 8:00 on the CD reissue)
  5. "And What If I Don't" – 6:35
  6. "Blind Man, Blind Man" (Alternate Take) – 8:21 (re-release only)

The piecesEdit

"Blind Man, Blind Man" was written by Hancock trying to evoke "something that reflected my Negro background". The blind man standing in the corner playing his guitar was in fact one of the things Hancock experienced in his neighbourhood in Chicago. The piece is reminiscent of "Watermelon Man", one of his greatest hits. According to Hancock, "King Cobra" was an attempt to "expand the flow [of jazz tunes and chords] so that it would go in directions beyond the usual".[1]



  1. Original liner notes by Ira Gitler

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