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Mule is Alice Donut's third studio album, release in 1990. It was produced at Sanctuary Studios, New York.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Mother Of Christ"
  2. "Mrs Hayes"
  3. "Roaches In The Sink"
  4. "Crawlpappy"
  5. "My Severed Head"
  6. "Bottom Of The Chain"
  7. "Burlesque"
  8. "Big Ass"
  9. "Roadkill"
  10. "Tiny Ugly World"
  11. "J Train Downtown : A Nest Of Murder"
  12. "Cow's Placenta To Armageddon"
  13. "My Boyfriend's Back"
  14. "Demonologist (alt)"


  • Tomas Antona - Vocals
  • Stephen Moses - Drums, Trombone
  • Michael Jung - Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals
  • David Giffen - Guitar, Vocals
  • Ted Houghton - Bass, Vocals


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