Mood Changes is a jazz album by the American saxophonist and vocalist Grace Kelly (musician).

It was released May 5, 2009. The tracks 101 and I Want To Be Happy were winners of 2008 ASCAP Young Jazz Composers Award.

Track listingEdit

1. Happy Theme Song- (5:32)

2. Comes Love- (5:54)

3. Tender Madness- (4:26)

4. 101- (6:12)

5. But Life Goes On- (4:00)

6. Ain’t No Sunshine- (6:13)

7. Here, There and Everywhere- (6:13)

8. I’ll Remember April- (3:17)

9. It Might As Well Be Spring- (5:38)

10. I Want To Be Happy- (4:26)


Grace Kelly (musician)- Alto/Soprano/Tenor Saxophones and vocals

Jason Palmer- Trumpet

Doug Johnson- Piano

John Lockwood- Bass, Electric Bass

Jordan Perlson- Drums (1,3,4,8,9)

Terri Lyne Carrington- Drums (2,5,6,7,10)

Adam Rogers- Guitar (6,7)

Hal Crook- Trombone (10)


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