Luis Salinas is an Argentine jazz guitarist who plays both electric and nylon string guitars. His music includes elements of bossa nova, Brazilian samba, Afro-Uruguayan candombe, salsa, boleros and jazz.[1] He blends traditional South American musical forms with improvisational modern jazz.[2] Luis worked for Egle Martin, a well known Argentinean singer, dancer, and producer from 1985 to 1991 and played on her bossa-nova album "El Atre Del Encuentro." In 1993, Swedish pianist Anders Person invited Luis to play at the Umea Jazz festival, followed by a small tour of Sweden. Luis was signed by the GRP Records in 1995, and recorded his debut album Salinas for that label in March 1996 with various musicians from George Benson's group. Luis played at the 30th edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival.[1] Judith Schlesinger writing in All Music Guide describes the track "Blue Zamba" on his debut album as "a lovely solo track that belongs squarely in the tradition of the great Latin acoustic players, but with a whiff of Joe Pass as well. All told, a very promising debut."Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag.

His second album Solo Guitarra included a version of Stevie Wonder's "You Are the Sunshine of My Life."[3]


  • Salinas 1997
  • Solo Guitarra 2001
  • Rosario 2001
  • Ahí Va 2003. Includes performances by Daniel Maza, Facundo Guevara, Sebastian Peycere, Jose Reynoso, and Reynald Colom.
  • Musica Argentina 2003. Includes "Salgan" and "Despues".
  • Luis Salinas y Amigos en Espana 2005
  • Muchas Cosas 2006
  • En Vivo 2009
  • Sin Tiempo 2010

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