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"Lady Sings the Blues" is a song written by jazz singer Billie Holiday, and jazz pianist Herbie Nichols.[1]

It is the title song to her 1956 album, released on Clef/Verve Records (MGC 721/Verve MV 2047).

The song was also chosen to be the title of the 1956 autobiography by Holiday and author William Dufty, and the 1972 movie starring Diana Ross as Holiday.

Recording sessionEdit

Studio session #75 New York, June 6, 1956, Tony Scott & His Orchestra (Verve), with Charlie Shavers on trumpet, Tony Scott on clarinet, Paul Quinichette on tenor saxophone, Wynton Kelly on piano, Kenny Burrell on guitar, Aaron Bell on bass, Lennie Mc Browne on drums, and Billie Holiday on vocal.[2][3]

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