Chris Standring (born 1960 in Buckinghamshire, England[1]) is a British-born soul jazz guitarist known for his heavy use of 1970s-style musical nuances. Before launching his own solo career with his 1998 album "Velvet", Standring represented a third of the band SolarSystem,[1] a one-shot project that combined elements of jazz and hip-hop.



His "Hipsway" was co-produced with Rodney Lee in 2000.[2] "Groovalicious" followed in 2003, then "Soul Express" in 2006. Love & Paragraphs (2008) spawned the title track hit radio single. Chris's 2010 album 'Blue Bolero' spawned the hit single "Bossa Blue" which went to No. 1 at contemporary radio across the USA and stayed there for nine consecutive weeks. Bossa Blue was named 2010 Billboard contemporary jazz track of the year. Electric Wonderland is released to the world March 20, 2012.


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