Anthony Wilson is a jazz guitarist and composer. He is the son of bandleader Gerald Wilson.



Born in Los Angeles on May 9, 1968, Wilson received his degree in music composition from Bennington College. He counts Duke Ellington, Gil Evans, Wes Montgomery, and T-Bone Walker among his influences.[1] His first album was nominated for a Grammy and his second, Goat Hill Junket (1998), also garnered notice.[2] Subsequent recordings by his nine-piece band are Adult Themes (MAMA, 1999) and Power of Nine (Groove Note, 2006). Diana Krall and mandolinist Eva Scow appear on the latter.

He has also recorded two trio albums with Hammond organist Joe Bagg and drummer Mark Ferber, Our Gang in 2001 and Savivity in 2005 (both on Groove Note). In 2009 he recorded an album (again for Groove Note) of trio music with Larry Goldings on Hammond organ, and alternating drummers Jim Keltner and Jeff Hamilton.

He has been a member of Diana Krall's group since 2001, appearing on CDs and DVDs, notably the Grammy-winning Live in Paris.[3] He has also recorded a CD with Brazilian guitarist Chico Pinheiro, "Nova," released in Brazil on Pinheiro's label Buriti, and in the US on Wilson's label Goat Hill Recordings. Anthony can also be heard on a number of his father's recordings and often plays live with the Gerald Wilson Orchestra whenever he can.

Wilson's main guitar is a custom archtop by luthier John Monteleone; he has also played a blond 1958 Gibson Byrdland and various Gibson Les Pauls.[4]

References Edit

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