Andrew Cheshire (born June 21, 1962, Arverne, New York) is an American jazz guitarist.



As a child, Andrew played the piano, but switched to the guitar at age 10. While majoring in fine art in high school, he played jazz in local bands around Long Island. By 1980, Andrew moved to Brooklyn where he began attending jam sessions at clubs such as the Blue Coronet and Pumpkins. It was during this time that he had the opportunity play with jazz veterans like Harold Mabern, Kenny Barron, Gil Coggins, Dewey Redman and Louis Hayes.[1]

In 1991, Andrew had become a member of drummer Walter Perkins group and began forming an association with members of the M-Base collective. During this period Andrew recorded his first sides as a leader which appear on the record Water Street Revival. In the mid-1990s, Andrew formed associations with tenor saxophonist Rich Perry, bassist Ron McClure and pianist Don Friedman; the latter recording two records together — Andrew's This is Me (1996) and Don's Attila's Dreams (1998) dedicated to Don's longtime friend and musical associate, the late Attila Zoller.[2]

Andrew has recorded thirteen records as a leader. He has written numerous compositions for jazz ensemble and has recorded two records for solo guitar. His other musical interests encompass world music and classical for which he recently completed a string quartet. As an electric guitarist, Andrew's interest in sound amplification has led him to design and build several of his own guitar amplifiers featuring original circuits and visual themes.[3] Andrew's art transcends different mediums: as a fine artist, his paintings in oil on canvas adorn the covers of most of his CDs.[4]


  • This Is Me (Joule, 1996)
  • Another View (Joule, 1997)
  • Water Street Revival (Joule, 1998)
  • Relax, Keep The Tension (CIMP, 1998)
  • Magic (Joule, 2000)
  • Guitar Noir (Joule, 2001)
  • Faces (Joule, 2002)
  • Morning Song (Joule, 2003)
  • Pavane Pour Une Infante Difunte (Joule, 2003)
  • Four Ages Of Bob (Joule, 2004)
  • Silent Trees Falling (Joule, 2006)
  • Virtual String Quartet (Joule, 2007)
  • Ballads (Joule, 2010)


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