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AllMusic (stylized as allmusic; previously All Music Guide or AMG)[1] is an online music guide service, owned by All Media Guide. AllMusic was founded in 1991 by popular culture archivist Michael Erlewine as a guide for consumers. Its first reference book was published the following year. When first released onto the Internet, AMG predated the World Wide Web and was first available as a Gopher site.

AMG headquarters is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.

Content Edit

AllMusic's database, which is licensed and used in point-of-sale systems by some music retailers, includes:

  • Basic data: names, genres, credits, copyright information, product numbers.
  • Descriptive content: styles, tones, moods, themes, nationalities.
  • Relational content: similar artists and albums, influences.
  • Editorial content: biographies, reviews, rankings.

AllMusic also claims to have the largest digital archive of music, including about six million digital songs, as well as the largest cover art library, with more than half a million cover image scans.

The AllMusic database is also used by several generations of Windows Media Player and Musicmatch Jukebox to identify and organize music collections. Windows Media Player 11 and the integrated MTV Urge music store have expanded the use of AllMusic data to include related artists, biographies, reviews, playlists and other data.

AllMusic is also used to provide catalog data, artist biographies, album reviews, related artist information, playlists and other information in the iTunes Music Store, Zune Marketplace, Zune player, eMusic, AOL, Yahoo!, and other music stores. AllMusic is also at the heart of the Naim Extended Music database used by the Naim HDX hard disk player.

Reviewers Edit

Reviewers include Greg Adams, Mark Allender, Jason Ankeny, Roxanne Blanford, Marisa Brown, John Bush, Al Campbell, Nate Cavalieri, Eugene Chadbourne, Matt Collar, Sean Cooper, Ken Dryden, Bruce Eder, Jason Elias, Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Katherine Fulton, Jo-Anne Greene, Steve Huey, David Jeffries, Thom Jurek, Andy Kellman, Rudyard Kennedy, Don Kline, the late Cub Koda, Andrew Leahey, Steve Leggett, Jason Lymangrover, Scott McClintock, Greg McIntosh, Opal Louis Nations, Wilson Neate, Heather Phares, Greg Prato,[2] Ned Raggett, Margaret Reges, Eduardo Rivadavia, John Phillip Roberts, William Ruhlmann, Tim Sendra, Michael Sutton, Jeff Tamarkin, Rob Theakston, Richie Unterberger, Sean Westergaard, and Scott Yanow.[3]

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